Corporate Social Responsibility

Korporacja Radex S.A.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Information about social and charity activities and information about the use of a CSR strategy

From the very beginning of its existence Korporacja Radex S.A., headed by President Janusz Sobieraj, tried to actively pursue goals of social and charitable activities. Any action taken by the company are carried out according to the adopted Strategy Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR - corporate social responsibility). The strategy is to take into account the social needs of the business objectives set so that both the company and the environment in which it operates, are jointly tangible benefits.

On the initiative of Mr. Janusz Sobieraj the Korporacja Radex S.A. developed and implemented in life set of rules and regulations named as Code of Ethics. It requires the company's employees act in accordance with the interests and needs of all stakeholders associated with the company.

Policy of social engagement implemented by the company is based on financial and material help, cultural and sports sponsorship, creating business plans in line with the needs of the local community, cooperation with non-governmental organizations, and (thanks to years of experience in the construction industry) to support investors through every stage of the process construction.

It is difficult to measure and assess the level of involvement in social issues. It is not easy to define and estimate (with measurable indicators of the value) the conduct of charitable activities.

Korporacja Radex S.A. really appreciate the numerous prizes, awards and acknowledgments received from individuals and organizations with whom we had the opportunity to work or to provide support.

The strategy of the company, based on the respect and support of social needs not only brings us satisfaction, but also distinguish Korporacja Radex S.A. from a number of other Polish companies.